Our solution that takes care of order- and delivery processes and usermanagement

Customers usually call or send an email to their service organization to request a product or service. In a lot of organizations they need to fill out a form for any request. With BPdelivery the ordering and delivery processes are fully automated and the messages always have the same setup. No more people who need to answer Emails, plow through requests or pick up the phone. Through our automated workflow no order mistakes can be made any longer. No purchasing forms are needed thanks to our smart workflow and supplier contracts can be coupled to the products and services that you obtain from external suppliers. All together in one place and in one solution!

At the end of each month, when your deliveries per organisation and per user needs to be calculated for customers or departments, or you require an overview of the monthly costs per supplier or product, BPdelivery takes care of this process. You dont have to maintain difficult spreadsheets anymore.


Our solution that connects organizations to do business

LinkedIn is used to connect people to eachother, BPconnect connects business to one another. When you are part of an international organization that has several countries attached to it with local members, warm contacts are always best when organizations are connected. Most of the time this is not the case and businesscontacts are created through other connections who have to facilitate an introduction. With BPconnect this is not necessery any longer. The organizations create their own profile and their fields of interests. Based on matches organizations can link to eachother. Easy as that. People get in touch with the companies of interest instead of going on a wild goose chase. Business connectivity has never been easier!



When it comes to security related to our products and services we comply to ISO 27001 standard where possible. Our service operates on servers in European Datacenters only at European companies. Our operational service is only available through sites that have the highest levels of security. Every day a backup is made of the data and our SLA mentions an exit strategy as well as business continuity.

Your data is safe and secure with our service.

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