BPdelivery focusses on the improvements of Internal Business Processes between the service- or facility organisation, their internal users and external suppliers. The unique concept of BPdelivery is that the relationship between all parties is not affected by the service in any way. Because the service operates over the internet (the Cloud), it is always available. You can use our service for any product you deliver internally.

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Our Mission

To be the 1-stop-shop that improves administrative and technical business processes between the supply and demand chain where the original relationship between all parties involved stays intact.

Our Vision

The administrative and technical processes on ordering, delivering and invoicing are lacking quality, accuracy and speed. This leads to unsatisfied customers and an inefficient organisation. We want to be the organisation in the supply and demand chain where we take care of the administrative and technical order and delivery processes. We do not interfere in the traditional relationship between any party in the delivery chain.

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BPdelivery is “Erkend leerbedrijf” in The Netherlands