Did you know that BPdelivery perfectly fits into the ISO certification schemes of Information Security (ISO27001, NEN7510 and derivatives), ISAE3402 and quality (ISO9001). Apart from implementing our solution we can also help you with your certification plans. BPdelivery is accredited auditor at EXIN on quality. Read more about BPdelivery and ISO certification connectivity IN HERE

The success of BPdelivery

BPdelivery already earned its spurs in the areas of business transformations, implementations and advisory. The background of BPdelivery is within the ICT sector and later we have moved to advisory on strategic business level. Our liaisons within companies are generally higher business management and ICT management. Thanks to our unique view on business processes and the role of ICT within those processes, our methods our often defined as refreshing. We don not walk along the ready paved paths to come to solutions that fit your company.

BPdelivery has proven itself in the following areas:

Production (worldwide)
Education (National)
Construction and Engineering (worldwide)
Retail and logistics (European)
Outsoucing and Hosting (European)
Cure and care market (National)
Community (National / European)

BPdelivery is independant. Thanks to our independancy, you can count on advise that fits best for your unique organization. Ofcourse the focus of our activities will always be to generate efficiency and cost reductions.

BPdelivery BV provides consultancy services with almost 20 years of experience on strategic organizational elements, business transformation and business process improvement.