On a regular basis BPdelivery writes whitepapers, opinions and public briefings. In our line of business we want to educate the market with the knowledge we posses. In this section all these deliveries can be downloaded for free.  Just click on the link and you will receive the requested document as PDF on your screen.

Public Briefing on the Cloud Act (Dutch Language)
CLOUD Act zet verhoudingen op scherp

Whitepaper on Digital Transformation (international version)
Whitepaper – How to execute Digital Transformation – April 2018

Whitpaper on performing a Data Protection Impact Assessment (Dutch Language)
DPIA – Het hoe en wat

Whitepaper on the GDPR / AVG (Dutch Language)
Whitepaper BPdelivery – GDPR – Mei 2017

Whitepaper on ISO HLS with the MOLENMODEL
WP – Het molenmodel (DUTCH)
WP – The molenmodel (INTERNATIONAL)

Paper on the Safe Harbor Policy verdict 2015 (Dutch Language)
Safe Harbor exit

A Public briefing on the Cloud adoption in Europe written on behalf of EuroCloud Netherlands (Dutch Language)
BPD PublicBriefing Cloud adoptie in Europa 2015

Paper on the roundtable “Digitalisering van gezondheidsdossiers in Nederland” (Dutch Language)
RT Digitalisering gezondheidsdossiers RAM-BPdelivery 2015

The whitepaper “The impact of Cloud computing for IT departments and the IT professional” (UK language)
Whitepaper Cloud Computing_EXIN-BPdelivery 2014

A public briefing on Cloud chains, written on behalf of EuroCloud Netherlands (Dutch language)
BPD Public_Briefing-The Chain gang 2014

A full comprehensive guide on Cloud Chain Management where BPdelivery contributed (UK language)
The Supply Chain Cloud 2013