BPdelivery explores Germany and France with its Digital Transformation solution

The product BPdelivery is BPdelivery’s flagship.
This solution enables the digital transformation of all your important business processes.
It is the one-stop-shop for your:

• Product- and portfoliomanagement
• Invoice management
• User management
• Contract management
• Order management
• Delivery management

BPdelivery is, due to her modular architecture, an efficient system, enabling you, as you wish, turn on or off specific modules. It is an open solution, capable of connecting to already existing systems.
Implementation is fast, you can immediately execute your business processes automatically without human interaction. This will save you money and your employees can focus on their core jobs, not the non-essential issues.
At the end of every month you will receive an overview ofyour most essential monthly expenses. Forecasting is also possible, eliminating financial surprises in the near future.
This ensures you have more focus on your business instead of the non-essential issues and you can pro-actively respond to developments.
BPdelivery is already active in the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain and Italy.

For BPdelivery these countries are growth markets for its products. And successful – there are ongoing meetings about BPdelivery implementation with several German and French businesses.
The BPdelivery team currently investigates the possibilities to get more known in Germany and France.
To enhance growth in these countries, BPdelivery will soon have a make-over. This will easen the users of BPdelivery in using the BPdelivery application

All this to speed up the digital transformation of your business, so YOU can focus on your business without worrying about all the business processes.